“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”

– Sheryl Sandberg

Essential coaching for courageous, diverse leaders

How can I serve?

  • Taking a concept from idea to implementation.
  • Aligning your values as guideposts to purpose.
  • Self management under pressure.
  • Providing resources to assist you in areas of self-care.
  • Identification and removing obstacles that get in the way of achieving goals.
  • Creating an authentic and sustainable leadership style.
  • Navigating the power, politics, and people that comes with leadership.
  • Creating calm and clarity in the heat of transition planned and unplanned.

How does coaching work?

  • You begin with stepping into curiosity and courage by scheduling a 30 minute discovery session. The purpose to determine fit for coaching between us. This time is also to gain insights on what the most important outcome you are looking for in a coaching experience. Any additional questions will be covered during this time.
  • Coaching is a human centered designed process, one that is unique to you and you’re lived experiences. While an executive coaching model is used additional resources that support body, mind and spirit enhance the journey.
  • Coaching requires a commitment of time and space to marinate on new insights and to step into the new version of you that will emerge. Service packages include a 3 month 6 session experience or a 6 month, 12 session experience. Sessions are digitally scheduled for 1 hour typically every other week.

Dream Big MIJA!

More is possible together

If you choose to use the coaching service you can create an account on the website which will allow you to access notes from our coaching sessions.

Simply register for an account and after you login you can view your profile page which contains a link allowing you to view the notes from your coaching sessions.

Coaching Testimonials

Testimonial 1

Pat listens for the spoken and unspoken, the words and the spaces between. She gathers the verbals and non-verbals, pivotal moments and recurring themes; bringing focus to overlying rhythms that were otherwise unnoticed or ignored through intentional questions and observations.

Testimonial 2

Pat steps with you through that which you have already known but now with new understanding. She opens you to fresh perspective through new lenses.

Testimonial 3

Pat made me dig deep within myself to identify what fears were present that prevented me from taking steps into fully living out my passions. She made me realize my strengths and the values that I bring to the table in any relationship whether it be a personal one or business.

Testimonial 4

Pat allowed me to be vulnerable and to learn to grow from the experiences that sometimes knock us down, but most importantly she helped me become someone that encourages herself, does self-care and to be my own cheerleader.