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It seems that we are all made up of stories, the ones that we are told throughout our lives and the ones that we tell ourselves. As the only daughter of Mexican-American migrant workers, my parents, Juan and Petra Sosa gave me these rules to live by:

Mija (a Hispanic endearment of love and support)

  1. Get an education, so that doors will open.
  2. Get an education in the law, so that no one will take advantage of you.
  3. Don’t let anyone know that you’re Mexican otherwise doors will close.

These rules served me well until they didn’t.

My formal career led me to government and eventually working in court administration for 35 years. This during a time when it was rare to see females as leaders in any organization. The trail I blazed was around gender not race as I could hide my race, but not my gender.

New stories began to emerge along with connection, curiosity, and courage, my constant companions on this journey. Curiosity was fed in the early years through observation and making myself invisible. Realizing that I had to stay under the radar or someone would really get to know who I am. Courage is one of those things that was fed by my curiosity and a sense that there is always more than meets the eye. Courage had a friend called impostor, a sense that I didn’t really belong and that it would be discovered some day.

Retiring, I found myself hopping on the biggest thrill ride of my life. I went back to school because that’s what I do and entered seminary. While in seminary, I was invited to lead a community economic development initiative that led to founding and leading a new nonprofit. Seminary was not to be for me. In this short paragraph there is a lifetime of blood, sweat and tears experienced. A story for another time.

It was when I was selected to be a W.K. Kellogg Foundation fellow that I experienced three years of refinement, like stubborn metal under fire being shaped and molded into the next best version of Self. It was here that the journey of coaching found me. The transformation began as I experienced being deeply seen, heard and understood and recognized for my unique gifts I bring. It was here that my purpose of coming along women like myself emerged and my vision of serving leaders of color was born. Having no mentors or guides in my professional journey, it was time to serve through coaching, mentoring and advocacy. What’s your story? Let’s connect!