"My experience working with Pat was exceptional. I received from her words of encouragement that helped me to pursue my career and family life with confidence. I would recommend her professional coaching to anyone". j/17

​​​​​​​​"Pat creates an open and warm space for self-exploration.  She sits on the edge with you and calls forth all that wants to emerge." k/16

​​"​​Pat made me dig deep within myself to identify what fears were present that prevented me from taking steps into fully living out my passions. She made me realize my strengths and the values that I bring to the table in any relationship whether it be a personal one or business. She allowed me to be vulnerable and to learn to grow from the experiences that sometimes knock us down, but most importantly she helped me become someone that encourages herself, does self-care and to be my own cheerleader. " r/17

​"Pat listens for the spoken and unspoken, the words and the spaces between. She gathers the verbals and non-verbals, pivotal moments and recurring themes; bringing focus to overlying rhythms that were otherwise unnoticed or ignored through intentional questions and observations. Pat steps with you through that which you have already known but now with new understanding. She opens you to fresh perspective through new lenses." a/16

​​​​​​​​​​​​​"My coaching experience with Pat has been empowering. With each session I began with my own questions or doubts wondering how I was going to reach my end goal. Pat has a wonderful gift of challenging me to "dig deeper" to find the root cause. I have renewed confidence, gained new skills and can now share my vision with others." v/16

"Pat has challenged me with thought provoking questions and has compelled me to look deeper into my passions, desires and goals in life. I'am learning to leave my comfort zone and examine the way that my culture, worldview and faith impacts my life and the direction it is heading." b/16